At ITNewcom, we understand that our success is underpinned by our employees and as such, we take great strides to attract and retain exceptional individuals to join our team. Fundamental to our retention strategy is our organisational culture, upon which we have drawn on our small size to cultivate a collaborative and energetic environment. We recognise that each individual employee has unique goals and ambitions, and we believe in helping our employees to cultivate their desired skillsets and achieve their goals. By taking in to consideration the development areas of each individual when compiling our project teams, we encourage each individual to draw on her or his unique strengths whilst achieving growth in their stated areas of development. 

When selecting candidates, we look for individuals who take an enthusiastic and energetic approach to their careers, and who we believe will integrate well into our broader team. Given our small size, we work very closely together so an alignment of your values to our organisational culture is as is important to us as your prior experience and credentials. 

We are always interested in meeting highly motivated candidates so if you feel you would be a good fit within our growing team, please check LinkedIn for our current openings or, if you don't see the right match, submit your CV and cover letter identifying the consulting role to which you are applying to: [email protected].       

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<24 months post-university completion

As a Graduate at ITNewcom, you’ll begin your professional career working under the guidance and direction of our highly skilled senior team members. As part of the project team, your analytical, interpersonal, creative thinking, business management and leadership skills will be called upon from day one. You will also contribute to the development of client deliverables including sourcing strategies, RFx documentation, negotiation strategies and associated collateral, and recommendation reports. 



Graduate Consultant, Sydney

I graduated from university with degrees in economics and information technology, and decided to travel for a year before seeking a graduate position. I joined ITNewcom soon after returning to Australia, and was promptly asked to work on a project for a large government organisation in Canberra. It’s been a great learning experience so far, especially being entrenched in the project team at the client site.   


As an Advisor, you will have the opportunity to work alongside our highly experienced team of senior consultants on complex and challenging IT strategy and sourcing projects. You will engage with clients from day one and will actively participate within the project team to deliver a highly successful output for our clients. Under the guidance and coaching of the senior consultants, you will take ownership of your assigned deliverables and tasks, and will complete them to a high level of quality within the requisite timeframe. Your success in this role will be underpinned by your independent and analytical thinking, dead-line driven and organised work style, and your strong presentation skills.


Advisor, Melbourne

After several years in IT governance roles, I wanted to expand my knowledge and skillset into delivering strategic, complex projects. I joined ITNewcom because of its clear and structured methodologies, broad client base and commitment to delivering rigor and results. Since joining, I have been provided a number of opportunities to be involved in dynamic, large scale projects for both federal government departments and well known Australian companies within the private sector. With the extensive knowledge, experience and expertise of its senior consultants, I have found that ITNewcom lends great support to those seeking opportunities to grow and succeed.


Senior Advisor

ITNewcom’s Senior Advisors combine their knowledge of smart commercial practices and IT strategy to lead both the planning and execution of their assigned workstreams. As a Senior Advisor, you will actively participate within the team, and as a self-starter, you will act autonomously to complete work assignments according to timeframes and client requirements.  You will receive coaching and guidance from more senior consultants, and you may also be asked to coach and support the skills development of more junior consultants such as Graduates and Advisors.



Senior Advisor, Perth

Having begun my career in IT project management, I subsequently completed 3 years in IT procurement and an MBA in IT and Business, after which I joined ITNewcom as a Senior Advisor. Driven by a thirst of diversity, development and recognition, I find working with ITNewcom has been a fulfilling experience. Not only does ITNewcom have a varied portfolio of clients and assignments to offer, but most importantly, it has the right size and a strong supportive culture and workplace. Working with ITNewcom’s team of professionals makes me feel important, valuable and helps me deliver a differentiated and unique service to our clients.


Directors at ITNewcom function as highly experienced engagement leads who can frame and analyse ambiguous problems, wrapping a structure around them to diagnose the root cause, develop a hypothesis, analyse the problem using data, structure a solution, and persuasively deliver recommendations. At ITNewcom, our Directors have a highly developed strategic sourcing skillset enabling them to confidently provide expert advice to fulfil our clients’ strategy and sourcing needs, including approaches for spend optimisation, maintaining probity, selecting suppliers, and developing RFx documentation. Examples of typical Director-lead engagements include the development of a sourcing strategy, end-to-end sourcing initiative, or leading complex negotiations to a successful conclusion. Directors are also responsible for actively coaching and developing more junior consultants, thereby enabling them to achieve the skills they require to progress their careers.


Director, Sydney

I joined ITNewcom several years in to my procurement career, having just completed my MBA in Strategic Procurement. What I value most about working at ITNewcom is that our clients come to us with large, complex programs of work, which provide me with the same challenges and development opportunities as I’d get working for a larger organisation, yet ITNewcom embraces its small company culture and treats me as an individual. I have the opportunity to express my areas of interest and development, and the Partners take a genuine interest in helping me to achieve my goals.    


Principal Consultant

As a Principal Consultant at ITNewcom, you will have a growing role in firm leadership, mentoring more junior consultants, and business development. You will typically act as the engagement lead for large and complex projects, focusing on building client relationships, and managing the project team to ensure a successful project delivery. Principals at ITNewcom function as highly experienced engagement leads who can frame and analyse ambiguous problems, wrapping a structure around them to diagnose the root cause, develop a hypothesis, analyse the problem using data, structure a solution, and persuasively deliver recommendations. Examples of Principal-lead engagements include the development and implementation of end-to-end sourcing initiatives, leading complex negotiations to a successful conclusion, or supplier performance management for complex programs of work. Principal Consultants are also responsible for actively coaching and developing more junior consultants, thereby enabling them to achieve the skills they require to progress their careers.



Principal Consultant, Melbourne

I began my career working as a Systems Engineer for an IT supplier, following completion of my Degree in Electrical Engineering. Since then I’ve had many IT, Management and Commercial roles within a large Corporate, before then completing an Executive MBA and starting my own Consulting practice before joining ITNewcom in 2013. I enjoy the large variety of assignments I’ve been engaged with across multiple industries. Each assignment has its own unique set of challenges. It’s like starting a new job and learning new things every 6 months, while knowing I can rely on the methodologies, peer support and camaraderie of many smart people around me. I like the opportunity to develop myself as well as helping to develop others (plus I love tackling challenging problems and negotiating complex deals!). I enjoy working in a flat organisation with a “let’s get on with it” culture, where everyone rolls up their sleeves and is focused on delivering excellence for our clients.