"Every battle is won before it is fought"
- Sun Tzu

The differences in outcome from an expertly executed sourcing or negotiation process can be stark. Since ITNewcom's inception this has been fundamental to what we do:

  • End to end sourcing and transition strategy
  • EOIs, RFIs, RFQs, RFPs and RFTs
  • Open and select tendering
  • Direct sourcing and mid-contract re-negotiation
  • Panels and schemes
  • Complex commercial and incentive structures based on outcomes and asset buybacks

We recognise that most of the time your internal teams are best suited to executing and negotiating sourcing transactions. Our expert advice, however, is indispensable in particular situations:

  • When scope complexity, criticality, or TCO mean you need expert experience, market insight, and proven IP to ensure optimal value is achieved and the right supplier relationship is established for your organisation.
  • When you want to ensure the right commercial model is put in place to minimise risk on a complex or critical program.
  • When the contracts underlying existing strategic relationships are nearing end of term and you wish to re-negotiate improvements as part of extending the arrangement.
  • When you wish to expand the scope of an existing arrangement to include new services, and require negotiation services to ensure appropriate pricing, services and service levels are incorporated into the agreement to address the new services.
  • When you are unhappy with the quality of services or pricing for an existing sourcing arrangement and wish to negotiate improvements to the arrangement.

We tailor our services to suit your requirement and desired organisational approach, ranging from collaborative and business outcome sourcing through to commodity or transaction based sourcing.

ITNewcom has influenced IT sourcing transactions valued at more than $25 Billion in IT spend, across all IT services, including applications software and services, IT infrastructure and services, Telecommunications networks and carriage services, cloud services and system implementation and integrator services.  We also have deep supplier relationships, with demonstrable experience driving maximum value from suppliers through optimising IT sourcing events and remediating current contracts.

When partnering with us, we assist you by:

  • Leveraging over 300 tailored and pre-populated IT Sourcing tools and templates accelerating both requirements definition and solutioning

  • Drawing upon the experience of our highly qualified analysts, who average over 25 years hands on experience in the sourcing and IT industries

  • Providing independent advice to ensure balanced and sustainable outcomes are achieved

  • Providing negotiation experts, who have negotiated with all major IT suppliers in the market and who can provide deep negotiation insight and experience
  • Providing market research on potential IT suppliers, technology and sourcing trends

  • Comparing the costs and capabilities of the supplier’s offering with our proprietary databases and by leveraging our Benchmarking Services