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Every experience with our clients is different but they each share common threads aligned to ITNewcom's five core service competencies (see left). We're backed by one of the region's most experienced teams and one of Asia-Pacific's leading benchmarking and IT enterprise market research capabilities. Our unique approach combines high-end commercial rigour, data analytics, innovative strategy, and deep experience to optimise the IT (and IT-centric BPO) investments of the region's largest companies.


Don't let external forces dictate how technology disrupts your organisation. 

You're a CIO, or you're dependent on one. We're the partner you want when the CEO, CMO, or board, need structured leadership in technology driven innovation, when the CFO mandates transformation of your IT cost base, when impending continuity or security crisis demand a new and intelligent approach to risk mitigation, and when the CPO or CHRO request a new level of maturity regarding the interlinked challenges of sourcing strategy and IT organisational design. 

Our difference comes through the combination of genuine independence, niche focus, and constant commercial awareness. Our data-centric methodologies are only possible thanks to our unique market research and benchmark IP.

ITNewcom Strategic Advisory Services deliver clear vision, quantified cost benefit analysis, and executable plans that are pragmatic, forward‑thinking, and risk‑aware. 


Compare your IT expenditure against the market

ITNewcom’s benchmarking services help you to compare the value of your IT investment against the market so you can develop tangible plans and data backed business cases to maximise the return on your IT investments.

Since 2001 we have conducted more than 1,400 IT benchmarks for the region's largest organisations and government agencies. We maintain the most current and in-depth benchmarking databases in the region, which also includes rich data gathered through our extensive sourcing and market research work.

Whether you are looking to improve your IT operations, negotiate better deals with your suppliers or fundamentally transform your business solutions, ITNewcom has a benchmarking service that will help you to identify and justify initiatives to get you there.

  • IT Organisational Investment Benchmarks – Allows you to compare the intensity of your IT spend against your industry competitors. IT spend benchmarks identify opportunities to improve the competitive advantage of your IT investments.
  • IT Cost and Efficiency Benchmarks – Allows you to compare the efficiency of your IT spend against organisations with similar IT environments. IT cost benchmarks identify opportunities to optimise IT consumption or reduce IT unit costs.
  • IT Market Price Benchmarks – Allows you to compare the price of your supplier’s products and services to the market. IT price benchmarks identify opportunities to negotiate better deals with your suppliers.
  • IT Satisfaction Benchmarks – Allows you to compare management and end-user satisfaction with the market. IT satisfaction benchmarks identify opportunities to better align IT spend with the business and to improve the quality of IT service delivery.
  • IT Commercial Term Benchmarks – Allows you to compare key commercial terms and SLAs against industry standards. IT commercial term benchmarks identify opportunities to negotiate better contracts with your suppliers.


"Every battle is won before it is fought"
- Sun Tzu

The differences in outcome from an expertly executed sourcing or negotiation process can be stark. Since ITNewcom's inception this has been fundamental to what we do:

  • End to end sourcing and transition strategy
  • EOIs, RFIs, RFQs, RFPs and RFTs
  • Open and select tendering
  • Direct sourcing and mid-contract re-negotiation
  • Panels and schemes
  • Complex commercial and incentive structures based on outcomes and asset buybacks

We recognise that most of the time your internal teams are best suited to executing and negotiating sourcing transactions. Our expert advice, however, is indispensable in particular situations:

  • When scope complexity, criticality, or TCO mean you need expert experience, market insight, and proven IP to ensure optimal value is achieved and the right supplier relationship is established for your organisation.
  • When you want to ensure the right commercial model is put in place to minimise risk on a complex or critical program.
  • When the contracts underlying existing strategic relationships are nearing end of term and you wish to re-negotiate improvements as part of extending the arrangement.
  • When you wish to expand the scope of an existing arrangement to include new services, and require negotiation services to ensure appropriate pricing, services and service levels are incorporated into the agreement to address the new services.
  • When you are unhappy with the quality of services or pricing for an existing sourcing arrangement and wish to negotiate improvements to the arrangement.

We tailor our services to suit your requirement and desired organisational approach, ranging from collaborative and business outcome sourcing through to commodity or transaction based sourcing.

ITNewcom has influenced IT sourcing transactions valued at more than $25 Billion in IT spend, across all IT services, including applications software and services, IT infrastructure and services, Telecommunications networks and carriage services, cloud services and system implementation and integrator services.  We also have deep supplier relationships, with demonstrable experience driving maximum value from suppliers through optimising IT sourcing events and remediating current contracts.

When partnering with us, we assist you by:

  • Leveraging over 300 tailored and pre-populated IT Sourcing tools and templates accelerating both requirements definition and solutioning

  • Drawing upon the experience of our highly qualified analysts, who average over 25 years hands on experience in the sourcing and IT industries

  • Providing independent advice to ensure balanced and sustainable outcomes are achieved

  • Providing negotiation experts, who have negotiated with all major IT suppliers in the market and who can provide deep negotiation insight and experience
  • Providing market research on potential IT suppliers, technology and sourcing trends

  • Comparing the costs and capabilities of the supplier’s offering with our proprietary databases and by leveraging our Benchmarking Services


Crossing the finish line will mean balancing constant contract interpretations, unseen supplier incentives, internal team dynamics, and fixed deadlines.

Our IT Transition Management Services are dedicated to ensuring the effective transition to a new service or implementation of a new system, with services provided on a true end to end basis or by way of independent advice and assurance. 

Our approach is based on using high calibre experts who have performed key leadership or assurance roles for complex IT transition and implementation programs. This experience based approach is complemented by our proven processes and techniques, project diagnostics, analytical tools and access to rich benchmark, research and project data. We will work closely with your internal staff to support the delivery of high quality program outcomes, on time and on budget.


Specialist project capabilities that will assist you drive the project to completion within the timeframe and budget approved by your executives. Our IT Transition Leadership Services can be delivered independently through advisory services or by dedicated resources that form part of your Project Team, including:

Business Case – Development of a business case to establish a sound basis for executive approval of the project, including identification of project outcomes and success criteria, financial and ROI analysis, approach and risk analysis.

Program Enablement – Design and development of a program structure and processes that are the right fit for the type of project and your internal capability. Efficient program set up processes, including resourcing, scheduling, budgeting, governance, stakeholder management, project management and reporting.

Project & Program Management – Long term experienced Project and Program Managers, who have a proven track record in leading and managing complex IT transition and implementation projects to successful completion.

Supplier management – Management of supplier project delivery performance through ensuring suppliers are held to account for their committed project outcomes and deliverables.

Organisational Design – Design and realisation support for new organisational and operating models to suit to-be and transitional environments, including role definition, communication management, culture design management, recruiting support, and skill augmentation advice.

Commercial management – Management, negotiation and documentation of commercial issues and project change requests to ensure projects are delivered on budget and in compliance with the contract / statement of work.


Expert project oversight, advisory and recovery services that will navigate your organisation through the challenges and complexities of IT transition and implementation projects, or assist you to diagnose and recover a project that is in trouble.

Program Review – Program review to assess the health of the project or to determine why a project is ‘in trouble’, including practical recommendations to bring the program back on track with direct reference to commercial terms, potential internal behavioural changes, and available negotiation levers.

Program Assurance – Independent oversight across the program lifecycle at regular checkpoints or identified tolerance levels to ensure risks, issues and roadblocks are quickly identified and addressed, and to ensure the program is delivered in accordance with identified benefits and objectives.

Program Re-baselining – A process to re-baseline a program to take account of foreseen or unforeseen impacts and changes. Typically this would follow a program review, assurance or audit. This may involve development of a new schedule, budget, team, governance or changes to scope and outcomes.

Problem Diagnosis and Resolution – Identification, root cause analysis, management, facilitation and negotiation of problems and issues to ensure they are resolved efficiently and to remove program roadblocks.

Remediation Plans – Development of recommendations and action plan(s) to bring a troubled program back on track so as to ensure the identified or re-baselined outcomes are delivered.

Don't fail once the ink dries


Our Sustained Optimisation services have emerged directly from the real-world needs of our clients. While each service addresses a unique operational challenge they all share the common thread of being simple services whereby ITNewcom takes on responsibility for preventing common and recurrent problems from ever emerging.

Prevention is always better than cure, especially when each passing month an inefficiency continues means loss that can never be recovered.

IT Contract and Supplier Management

Our signature Sustained Optimisation service sees our team take ongoing responsibility for managing your IT Contracts and Suppliers. This service includes maintaining an ongoing forecast of contract TCO and contract feature triggers (eg. minimum commitments), variation management, invoice validation, and supplier service delivery auditing.

IT Value Management

Our IT Value Management managed service sees our team take ongoing responsibility for tracking the mapping between your IT cost base, provided IT services, service satisfaction, and consumption patterns of your IT services. Think improved planning insight, cost reductions through service demand transparency, and a re-invigorated frame of reference for IT budget and showback /chargeback discussions.