Don't fail once the ink dries


Our Sustained Optimisation services have emerged directly from the real-world needs of our clients. While each service addresses a unique operational challenge they all share the common thread of being simple services whereby ITNewcom takes on responsibility for preventing common and recurrent problems from ever emerging.

Prevention is always better than cure, especially when each passing month an inefficiency continues means loss that can never be recovered.

IT Contract and Supplier Management

Our signature Sustained Optimisation service sees our team take ongoing responsibility for managing your IT Contracts and Suppliers. This service includes maintaining an ongoing forecast of contract TCO and contract feature triggers (eg. minimum commitments), variation management, invoice validation, and supplier service delivery auditing.

IT Value Management

Our IT Value Management managed service sees our team take ongoing responsibility for tracking the mapping between your IT cost base, provided IT services, service satisfaction, and consumption patterns of your IT services. Think improved planning insight, cost reductions through service demand transparency, and a re-invigorated frame of reference for IT budget and showback /chargeback discussions.